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The attorneys at the Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm represent bicyclists who have been in collisions and need someone to help them. Recently, the law firm took a case to the door steps of the Minnesota Supreme Court after successful results in front of the jury, trial court, and court of appeals.

In August 2010, an inexperienced driver attempted to take a right-hand turn in front of two bicyclists who were traveling straight through the intersection. The driver did not pay attention to the bikers’ speed and cut them off. The bikers didn’t have a chance. They both crashed into the car, and one was taken away via an ambulance. Our client, one of the bicyclists, was thrown up over the car and landed hard on his sacrum, causing it to fracture. In that collision, he also damaged the pudendal nerve, which travels through sacrum. It took three years; however, in 2013 our client was diagnosed with pudendal nerve damage caused by that collision. He reached out to our firm to hold that driver accountable for the permanent injuries that he now lives with. Throughout the case, the driver refused to acknowledge his responsibility for the damage that he caused, and so we asked a jury of peers to decide what fair outcome should be. The jury decided that the driver was negligent and that he caused over a million dollars of injuries to our client—the majority of those injuries being pain and suffering. Following trial, the driver continued to refuse responsibility and asked the judge to reverse the jury’s decision. The judge refused, ruling that the jury’s verdict was fair. Still refusing responsibility, the driver asked the Court of Appeals to reverse the decisions of the judge and the jury—the court of appeals refused as well. The driver still refusing to recognize the damage he caused and his culpability for those injuries, asked the Minnesota Supreme Court to rule that the jury, judge, and the court of appeals had all gotten it wrong. The Minnesota Supreme Court refused to intervene. After a long journey, we have been able to get justice for a deserving client.

In order to win this case, we needed to overcome a lot of obstacles, including the delay in the diagnosis of pudendal nerve damage, which made the case very difficult. To win we had retain a world-class expert on pudendal neuropathy, meticulously study the medical records, and meet with our client’s family and friends to help tell the story to the jury. More than anything else, we had to care about our client and care about what he was suffering through.

If you or a loved one has been in a bicycle accident, Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm would love to help you get justice. To set up a free review of your claim, please do not hesitate to call us today at (763) 746-7800.

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