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Mark Kosieradzki Teaches Lawyers about Deposing Corporations at National Seminar

By Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm / January 17, 2014

Mark Kosieradzki spoke at the Advanced Depositions College Seminar in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 17, 2014. Lawyers from throughout the United States attended the conference. Mark’s presentation focused on the law, strategy and techniques of taking depositions of corporations and other organizations using Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(6).

Rule 30(b)(6) is one of the most misunderstood, yet most powerful tools available to Lawyers. Rule 30(b)(6) requires an organization to appoint a designee (or designees when necessary) to speak under oath on behalf of the company in response to the matters designated in the deposition notice. Strategic use of Rule 30(b)(6) can cut the cost of litigation and find information that is often buried, obscured or withheld by corporations.

Mark has assisted skilled lawyers throughout the country in preparing their cases by using his skills and experience in uncovering corporate information. At the Advanced Depositions College Seminar, Mark worked with the attending lawyers to teach them how to strategically draft the Rule 30(b)(6) deposition notice to get the evidence necessary for winning their cases.


In addition to the discovery Mark conducts on his cases, he assists attorneys throughout the United States as co-counsel and/or Rule 30(b)(6) consultant. He has taught the topic to lawyers at seminars across the nation. Most recently the American Association for Justice released his DVD, Deposing the Corporate Representative: 30(b)(6) Depositions. The DVD can be purchased from American Association for Justice by contacting 202.965.3500, ext. 8615 of the AAJ Exchange.

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